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Safety before profits

At Borea, because we care deeply for each and every employee, we’ve developed a rigorous and uncompromising OH&S policy.

We stop at nothing to make sure our teams return home safely every single day.

Building an Attitude for Safety Excellence

B.A.S.E.: Our safety program is based on behaviour

B.A.S.E. was developed specifically with the renewable energy project construction industry in mind. The observation processes developed by the committee composed of supervisors and foremen in the field have enabled Borea to determine risky and predominantly safe behaviors on construction sites. There are observers at each site who, by monitoring workers, reinforce safe behaviors and correct risky behaviors by working with those affected to find a safe solution. Borea has taken advantage of this development and follows the same method on its sites. The strength of B.A.S.E. is that it aims to prevent accidents and incidents before they happen.

for our clients

Daily and weekly safety meetings, and safety committee meetings are enhanced by an average of 200 one-on-one safety meetings per month, and fuelled by our B.A.S.E. program. Implemented in 2013, the program has been so effective that Borea’s key performance indicators point to significant decreases in accidents and lost-time incidents. Thanks to B.A.S.E., we can guarantee industry-leading safe workplaces for our employees and our clients.

Efforts that
make a difference

Borea Construction won the Gestion Santé-sécurité du travail prize at the 74th edition of the QRBHCA conference for its efforts in promoting health and safety during the construction of the Mont Sainte-Marguerite wind park in Beauce! We stood out with the safety measures that were put in place to control the risks of excavation and trench collapse, 3 metres and higher falls, the release of asbestos dust, and electrical-related dangers. In 2017, there were 400 workers and 60 subcontractors on the project.

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