Borea Construction #1 in Canada in renewable energy construction

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Borea Construction

We love what we do and we excel at creating clean and renewable energy.

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Leading-edge expertise

Borea offers comprehensive services – from engineering to construction and procurement – as well as leading-edge expertise to support large-scale wind and solar projects.

Coast to coast: we deliver.

We have constructed more renewable energy construction projects across Canada than any other contractor. We have a score card of more than 75 projects completed or ongoing, more than 7,500 MW, and zero commercial operation dates missed. This represents nearly 1/3 of all renewable energy opportunities in Canada.

2,482 turbines

installed or being installed

more than 7,500 MW

of renewable energy nationally

commercial operation

dates missed

A portfolio of more than 70 projects completed or ongoing

Borea has constructed nearly 1/3 of all renewable energy projects in Canada, which translates into more than 70 projects completed or ongoing and more than 6,500 MW of renewable energy.

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The origins of Borea

The name Borea is derived from the Greek mythological god, Boreas, who personified the north wind. Boreas was pictured as bearded, powerful, winged and draped against the cold.