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Meikle project

  • Wind Energy
  • Tumbler Ridge, BC

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61 Turbines
180 Mw
28 km of road

The Meikle Wind Energy Project is a 180-MW project located in the mountains near Tumbler Ridge, BC.  It consists of 26 x GE 2.75-MW generators with 120-m rotor diameter at a 110-m hub height, and 35 x GE 3.2-MW generators with 103-m rotor diameter at 100-m hub height.  This was the first installation of these types of turbines in the Canadian market. Borea performed the complete engineering, procurement and construction of this challenging project. 

The highlights and challenges of the project included: Two-season build schedule. Inclusion of five different First Nations bands in the construction of the project. 50 pieces of heavy equipment, protection of highly sensitive environmental areas, 350,000 m3 of blasting and 900,000 m3 of rock and native soils moved. New turbines to the Canadian market. Four-km T-Line, BC hydro switch yard, and substation. Extreme weather challenges as this project is one of the farthest north wind farms in Canada. This is the largest wind energy project in British Columbia.

26 x GE 2.75 MW generators

with 120-m rotor diameter

35 x GE 3.2 MW generators

with 103-m rotor diameter

110 m hub height

50 pieces of heavy equipment