Borea Construction #1 in Canada in renewable energy construction

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  • Ontario

Bornish, Bluewater, Adelaide, Jericho, Goshen, East Durham

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288 Turbines
468.5 Mw
170 km of road

Comprising of six major projects, the “six-pack” was constructed by Borea over an 18-month period. Using teamwork and sharing resources between projects, Borea overcame permitting delays, the worst winters Ontario had experienced in decades, and staffing six different project teams with “domestic-content” compliant personnel, all in order to meet the accelerated COD dates.

Combined, the projects consisted of 288 turbines, 468.5 MW, 170 km of roads, 100,000 m3 of concrete, 8,640 T of rebar, 9 substations and 620 km of collection cable.