Borea Construction #1 in Canada in renewable energy construction

Mesgi’g Ugju’s’n Project

  • Wind Energy
  • Escuminac, QC

Schedule to complete fall 2016

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47 Turbines
150 Mw
85 km of road
Under Construction

The project is aptly named as it means “Big Wind” in the Mi’g Ma’g language. A 150-MW project located in the city of Escuminac, QC, this project consists of 47 x 3.2-MW Senvion Turbines at a hub height of 100m.

Borea performed this project as an EPC. The highlights of the project were as follows:

Borea employed 100+

First Nations individuals on this job

The first 3.2-MW

First Nations individuals on this job

85 km of road created